You’ve Got to Be Ready to Fight the Forces

  • Film
  • Mohamed Bourouissa
  • Kk Obi

You’ve Got to Be Ready to Fight the Forces’ - the new film collaboration between Boy.Brother.Friend, Burberry and Paris-based Artist, Mohamed Bourouissa

Building on the theme of Movement & Migration, Mohamed Bourouissa created a film that aims to challenge this notion of marginalisation that is felt amongst the youths of Marseille, France. Communities born out of colonialist rule still exist in the peripheries of central french power, we unpack this by posing questions to some local residents who also serve as models in this film piece shot on the ‘Baie Des Singes’ shore of Marseille. The residents recount feelings from the heart. Sharing responses to a set of questions posed by Kk Obi our creative director, that touch on community, dance, gentrification, infrastructure and more. The work confronts and inspects the reach of migration to unlock its necessity to human nature - driving the viewer to preserve connectivity in whatever shape or form it takes.

Director: Mohamed Bourouissa
Creative Direction & Style: Kk Obi
Stylist’s Assistant: Melissandre Guimondo
All Clothing: Burberry by Riccardo Tisci
Casting: Stephane Gaboue
Production Team: Otman Qrita, Suzon Thommen, Emilien Perdereau
Production Company: Studio Otman Qrita
Film Edit & Title Design: Jules Banide
Models: Hamadou, Ilan, Nordine, Stephane, Yanis, Ben, MJ, Natureza

Issue 7

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