Mourning for posterity (2020)

  • Film
  • Bonono

In collaboration with performance artist Bonono, Boy.Brother.Friend presents a new film by the Berlin-based performance artist and dancer.

The new performance piece Mourning for posterity (2020) is part of the artist's ongoing investigation with self-reflection, control and psychosocial encounters with the outside world. Through the labour and lure of the artist's body, Bonono drops the divides between dance, performance and ritual. The artist is known for the physical and emotional grit that he invests in a work of art, at the will of an audience's reverie, critique and gain.

In a heart-wrenchingly intimate performance film, the reality, make - belief and image of an artist expose the internal work of performance and what it means to endure. Where race, sexuality, gender and emotion has evolved into a multitude of fractured forms, mirrors heal, setting the stage for strength and the cure: self-actualisation.

Issue 7

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