Cooke Latham Gallery presents ‘Seen!’ by Cato

Images by Mischa Haller, BJ Deakin

Issue 7 explores the concept of Dream. As violence and war threaten to fragment our world into recalcitrant differences, the issue insists on the strength and resilience of new ideas and art that will help us collectively make sense of the past and remake our world for the better. Issue 7 unfolds into four chapters: ‘Déjà Vu’, ‘A Real Thing’, ‘Existing in Memory’ and ‘Dreaming Community’.

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Winter 2023, Dream

Efie Gallery Showcases African Artistry at Art Dubai 2024

Courtesy of Efie Gallery and the artists

Traces Of Ecstasy Stands Out At The Lagos Biennial

Photography by Amanda Iheme

Tradition and Innovation: An Interview with Sharjah Architecture Triennial curator Tosin Oshinowo

Photography by Danko Stjepanovic

Seasons of Migration to the North

Film by Lars Laumann, Text by Eddie Ahmad

Between Wakefulness and Dreams in Sudan: Rahiem Shadad’s Exploration of Hassan Kamil’s Photography

By Rahiem Shadad

Editors’ Letter: Issue 7, Winter 2023

By Matthew Benson and Kk Obi

Fusing Tradition, Art, Fashion and Sustainability: Kusi Kubi Discusses Design and Sustainability

All images by Nicol Vizioli